As a manufacturing plant, we at YAAF are aware of our influence on the environment and we take full responsibility in this area. Environmental responsibility was defined at our company as being an integral part of the production process, and in parallel with a long-range sustaining strategy. The company is a closed system, which recycles its output, from the scrap metals to the cooling oils from the CNC machinery.
We do everything that we can in order to conserve energy consumed by the plant, and this through thought-out use of the CNC machines, air conditioners, and all other electrical equipment.
Purchasing of raw materials is done in the most economically feasible way, so that the measurements of the raw materials purchased are as close as possible to those of the final part.
Along with all the procedures mentioned above, we continually aim to further improve our environmental-social effectiveness, setting concrete goals whose progress we monitor and aim to achieve.
All of YAAF’s management and employees are aware of the need to preserve our environment and participate actively in the activities mentioned. We believe that adapting an uncompromising approach of environmental responsibility will help in preserving our environment for all those with who we are in contact and for future generations.
In addition, we adhere most strictly to all safety precautions in our production processes, including: use of safety devices necessary to our work environment - safety goggles, ear plugs, high shoes and appropriate clothing.
All our employees undergo periodic safety training.
Periodic checks to determine noise levels are conducted by professional outside sources. The machines in the plant are equipped with filters to prevent emissions. The company is equipped with sprinklers for extinguishing fires. A fire prevention checkup is conducted once a year.