Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is of utmost importance at YAAF. We place strong emphasis on quality control of each and every part that leaves our plant. The control is done throughout the production phases, starting from incoming inspection of raw materials, strict inspection during the manufacturing process itself, and ending with checking the suitability of finish required for the part. Each assembly or part that leaves the plant does so with a QC report and quality certificate, as required, both for the raw materials and for the assembled part.
YAAF adheres to ISO 9001:2008. Production procedures are monitored by self-monitoring methods or SPC, depending on clients' preference.
Because of our strict QC and QA procedures, YAAF has been certified as an STS (Ship to Stock) manufacturer to companies such as Raphael and El-Op, (known for their high quality standards). Today we manufacture parts which go directly to the assembly lines of these two companies, as well as others.
The QC department includes an XYZ measuring device, a computerized height monitor, a computerized comparator, surface roughness tester and a large variety of thread Gages.
The department is temperature controlled and under the supervision of full-time experienced QC employees.